A Movie Drinking Game for Showgirls

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Nomi, or anyone else (but mainly it's Nomi), overreacts to a situation.
  2. There is an Andrew Carver reference (e.g., you see his poster, someone squeals his name, or he turns someone's best day ever into her worst nightmare).
  3. It is said that someone "can" or "can't" "dance."
  4. There are two or more nipples (male or female) on screen. Really, you can just drink every time there are THREE or more nipples on screen. It won't matter. This game will destroy you.
  5. Someone, probably Cristal Conners, says "darlin.'"
  6. There is any strange female bonding going on (e.g., forehead touching, overly sexual touching).
  7. You see Nomi's tiny butt crack. Tiny, but powerful.
  8. The ginger starts RAGING and yelling "thrust it!!" It lasts about 20 seconds, so finish your beer in that 20 seconds! Just be glad you don't have to finish your brown rice and vegetables.
  9. There is a reference to prostitution ("hooking," "how much," etc.). Sure, Nomi's got heat... but where'd she get it from??
  10. A new show costume is introduced. Don't worry if you can't keep track of whether a show costume is "new" or not. We're just impressed you made it this far without blacking out.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink every time nail work is shown or mentioned. Look, I like Nomi's nails, too, but I'm getting a little too old for that "whorey" look.
  2. Finish your beer before the “going buck in the pool” sex scene is over.
  3. Drink whenever “chips” are mentioned. Coming home from a long day at work and tearing into a bag of Lay's? This movie is basically my life!
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So okay this movie is NC-17? that must mean the same as R rated with lots of nudity sex , and swearing. good movie though.

My Showgirls boyfriend is Andrew Carver. Things are NOT going to end well for me tonight.

Showgils? Looks like you need to THRUST an "r" in there.

Awesome list, nonetheless.

ClubBaby Pitman
Nipple drunk again!