A Movie Drinking Game for Crossroads

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Somebody references Eugene's mama. It’s almost always derogatory -- toward Eugene "Lightning Boy" Martone, of course, and not his mother. HIS MOTHER IS A WONDERFUL WOMAN!
  2. Someone uses the term "Blues Man."
  3. You notice the Devil's smile is just chock full of long, crammed-together teeth.
  4. Willie Brown insults Eugene. Poor Eugene has a lot to learn about what it means to be a blues man (see rule #6).
  5. There's a Robert "Founding Member of the 27 Club" Johnson reference.
  6. Wille Brown talks about "pussy." It is a well-known corollary that if you don't blow harp, you don't get no pussy and only blues men blow harp.
  7. There's a "crossroads" or "devil" reference (specific or insinuated).
  8. Your heart melts or pussy explodes (or both at the same time) to the amazing soundtrack. This is certainly objective, but we think that if you don't drink to this rule at all, your musical tastes need to be seriously re-evaluated.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink if you recognize Miles Dyson. Shotgun a beer right now (even if you're at work) if you're reading this and don't know who Miles Dyson is or had to Google his name to figure it out. You should be ashamed.
  2. Finish your beer while Steve Vai melts your face with a bad ass solo.
  3. Drink every time Eugene flashes you some "bedroom eyes" while playing guitar. He's DREAMY.
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