A Movie Drinking Game for True Blood

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. One of the vampires “pops” their fangs out, or you hear a classic monster hiss. Double drink if there’s a simul-pop-hiss!
  2. Some person gets just COATED in gore. In True Blood, much like in real life, there are two types of people: those who scream in horror at being coated in gobs of blood, brains, or sticky red jelly-like substances, and those who are simply delighted!
  3. Characters are experiencing some love troubles. Usually this involves a monster love triangle. For example, a human/shifter/vampire love triangle, a faerie/vampire/werewolf love triangle, or your basic werewolf/werewolf/werewolf love triangle. Let’s face it -- love is messy.
  4. You witness ghoulocracy in action. How’s a monster supposed to relax and knock back a few beers/humans when there’s the American Vampire League, the King of Mississippi, AND Operation Werewolf breathing down your neck? Not like the old days. Kickin’ it with Godric was the JAM.
  5. There’s a reference to “V.” Much like marijuana, V is a gateway drug. It makes you stronger, faster, and it gives you a giant boner AND delusions of grandeur. Wait, no, it’s more like Viagra. But with hallucinations.
  6. Someone’s gettin’ fang banged. According to Hustler, everyone should have sex with a vampire at least once before they die. Funny how they didn’t say the same thing about werepanthers. Probably because of all the clawing and raw meat-eating. And the dental problems. Aaaand the bed sores.
  7. A vampire moves super-fast and blurry. If you’re like me, there have been many, many times when you wished you could suddenly vamp-dash out of a situation. “Oh, you’re a video store manager, you say? Fascinating...” [vamp-dash]
  8. Monster bigotry becomes apparent. This could be human-on-monster bashing or monster-on-human bashing or even monster-on-monster bashing. We’re ALL at fault here. Except for Godric, who is perfect.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a sip of your Bloody Sookie whenever someone enjoys some Tru Blood. It’s “AB positive-ly” delicious!
  2. Drink whenever there’s an awesome pun (see Bonus rule #1). Double drink if you are not evolved enough to appreciate puns, you lowly human.
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