A Movie Drinking Game for Tremors

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Val and Earl start bickering and slingin’ insults. Say what you want about Val and Earl--nobody handles trash better than they do.
  2. A character says “ass.” Hey, this movie is PG-13, so they only get to say “fuck” once (but it’s a good one!). Note: If you’re watching this movie on TV, drink every time they change a swear word into something a lot lamer.
  3. There’s a tremor murder! This could be a human (or other animal) murdered by a tremor, or a tremor murdered by a human. Double drink if there’s a tremor suicide! And he had so much to live for...
  4. Somebody starts frodin. Whether by truck, horse, or Cat, sometimes you just gotta run free.
  5. You get to experience the world through the “eyes” of an eyeless, beaked, smelling-like-shit prehistoric predator worm. What a ride!
  6. Someone’s got a plan. Double drink if it doesn’t work out so well.
  7. We learn something new about our friends, the tremors! What’s that you say? They’re not called “tremors,” they’re called “graboids?” OK, fine. But I’m not saying it out loud. That just sounds ridiculous.
Bonus Drinks
  1. WATERFALL for the pole vault! Let’s face it, they were just itchin’ for a reason to start pole vaulting to country music, and underground monsters was the excuse they needed.
  2. Whenever Val and Earl play rock-paper-scissors, pick a friend (or nearby person) and play. Whoever loses (you guessed it!) drinks.
  3. FINISH YOUR BEER when Reba and Burt just go BUCK on a tremor with their home arsenal! Oh Reba, your bangs are a wonder to me.
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Me Shell, awesome game and awesome rules! It's true, Reba saying "penetration" is something that just sticks with you.

Me Shell
I'm not saying these aren't good rules...they're great ones.  But my group of friends and I regard this as the Best Drinking Game Movie and spent six years honing our own, all-inclusive list.  Please enjoy:

Drinking Games
Just watched this classic for the first time a few days ago, I think that "plan" rule alone would have the audience drunk before the first half is over!

I used to have a recurring dream/nightmare about 'Tremors.'

In it, I was invited to Kevin Bacon's home (which, oddly, was a trailer in southern Mississippi). When I arrived, Kevin stripped down and insisted that I take a look at his sores. They were awful. 

As I fled his trailer a graboid began to chase me - after what seemed like hours, I gave up and stood my ground (I didn't have the advantage of a cliff....Kevin). The graboid slowly emerged from the ground and drew in closer. It leaned toward me and whispered,"Please hold me and never let go."

I complied.