A Movie Drinking Game for Total Recall

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. A lady is just THROWING herself at Arnold but he ain’t having it. Look, ladies, Arnie’s not interested in Saturn, he’s not interested in sex -- he only wants MARS!
  2. You hear mention of Mars (see Rule #1). In Verhoeven’s future, we may have colonies on Mars, self-driving Johnnycabs, and hologram watches, but we also have psychic mutants. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good tradeoff.
  3. A girl hits somebody. Sometimes it’s playful, half-nude hitting, but most of the time it involves kicking somebody in the crotch. Which is not as fun.
  4. You see an awesome future car. In the future, all cars are made of plastic and drive at top speeds of 10 miles per hour, just like my Barbie Corvette.
  5. Arnold makes an absolutely amazing craze-face (space face counts!). I have no idea why they haven’t developed an Oscar for “Best Facial Expression.” Arnold would have nailed it years ago. And wouldn't you love to see the nominees??
  6. Images are shown on one of the many many video screens that appear in this movie. I know people are all into flat screens, but it’s nice to see that the cathode ray tube still has a chance, at least on Mars.
  7. Somebody whips out a sick-ass future gun. Knowing Paul Verhoeven, these guns probably actually worked and fired real bullets. Which is awesome. And terrifying. Much like Verhoeven himself.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take three shots of beer whenever you see three boobs. This is known as a Trip Nip Shot.
  2. Knock back one shot of beer for every kid Benny says he's got to feed.
  3. FINISH YOUR BEER during the most badass take-no-prisoners girlfight in the history of movies!! (Actually, it ties with the fight between Ripley and the Alien queen, if you count the Alien queen as a chick. Which we do.)
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Just saw the remake, and they changed so much stuff I don't think this game would even work! Just not the same when Arnold isn't in it. The lady with the three nips was still there, though - there's three shots guaranteed!

You got a lot of nerve showin your face around here...