A Movie Drinking Game for Top 10 Horror Hunks

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Mandatory Drinks
10. The Creeper. The only man on our list with a day job - driving rig - he'll pay for your dinner if you give him your heart. Or, you know, your skin for his wall tapestry. He's an artist too! #doublethreat

9. Wishmaster. OK, so he's not much to look at, but he can make your dreams come true! As long as your dreams include dying in an ironic (well, ironic if you're Alanis) way.

8. The Thing. It could be anything (including swoon-worthy Keith David), but insists on being like a dog or a dude with a mouth for a chest.

7. Billy Zane from Demon Knight. This bad boy has an equally bad Southern accent and a squad of demons - what's not to like?? #squadgoals

6. Candyman. Tall, dark AND handsome? This guy is sweet as honey and you'll BEE hooked on the first date! Just call his name (3 times) and he'll be there.

5. Matthew McConaughey from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. True, he's a freakish hillbilly cannibal. But WAY too hot to break up with. But you're going to. Someday soon. But he's really hot.

4. Pinhead. BDSM got too mainstream for your tastes since 50 Shades of Grey? No worries, Pinhead will tear off your skin for you.

3. Patrick Bateman. Sure, he's a psycho. But you've finally met someone who loves Huey Lewis and the News as much as you do!

2. Evil Ash. This is like that time I broke up with my boyfriend for his hot brother, but then I found out he was a murderer. :(

1. Brundlefly. Brains AND brawn! Plus he's Jewish! It's like your mother created him in a lab.
Bonus Drinks
Did we miss your favorite bad dude?? Tell us in the comments below!
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