A Movie Drinking Game for The Warriors

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone says "Cyrus." Pro tip: When Cyrus asks "Can you dig it?," you better fucking dig it. Do not cross a man wearing a silky robe in public.
  2. You spot a superfly, stone-cold, badass outfit or some sweet accessories. Warning: the outfits in this movie are awesome. We recommend pacing yourself so you don't die halfway through the movie.
  3. The Warriors do their part for the environment and use public transportation. Say what you will about the outfits not being "scary," if nine guys wearing nothing but pleather vests got on your train in 1979 New York City, you'd get off at the next stop, too.
  4. Someone jumps over an obstacle. FYI, if you plan on moving to a city, you should definitely practice your hurdling. It just comes up a lot.
  5. The Warriors run! For those of you looking for a cool new "underground" workout, just try
    Drinking Cinema's Warrior Workout!
    Step 1: warm up by running as fast as you can for about 15 minutes.
    Step 2: get in a fight with some dudes that look like a Kiss baseball team.
    Step 3: make out with some lesbians.
    Step 4: run away from the lesbians.
    Step 5: cool down with a nice walk on the beach.
  6. You are subjected to an extreme close-up of that DJ's mouth. It must be pretty confusing to her producer when she keeps talking about where "The Warriors" are, and how they are going to be killed by rival gangs, and how their impending gruesome murder is inevitable, and generally chatting a lot about gang violence on a station that plays mostly Oldies.
  7. The Warriors have a run-in with a new gang! Clearly this rule is subjective, and if you don't watch out you could be blackout in the first 15 minutes. So let's just say drink every time a new gang is prominently featured or we learn their name (e.g., the Riffs, the Moonrunners, the Rogues, the Baseball Furies, these guys).
Bonus Drinks
  1. Warrior down! Drink whenever one of the Warriors gets picked off and the other guys just don't mention him for the rest of the movie.
  2. Chug if you notice Windows from The Thing! (No, not the one from 2011. The good one.)
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I played this game with my friends and added a couple more rules I thought I'd share!

1. Every time Ajax says faggot.
2. Every time Mercy makes an advance on Swan.
3. Every time someone says bop or bopper(s).