A Movie Drinking Game for The Slumber Party Massacre

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You see T&A. If you don't know what T&A stands for, don't worry, you'll have plenty of chances to find out in this movie.
  2. Girl-partying ensues! Want to host your own girl-party? It’s easy!
    Step 1. Get chips, Twinkies, pizza, hairbrushes, a horoscope, Playgirl, beer, giant pitcher of Kool-Aid, and some grade-A Maui Wowie.
    Step 2. Take off your bra and/or get undressed in front of your friends.
    Step 3. Fend off peeping toms and serial murderers with a hand saw.
    Step 4. Get down to some serious partying!
  3. There’s a false scare! Schrödinger's cat is both simultaneously inside the closet and not inside the closet, depending on whether the scared female lead is there to see it.
  4. You see (or participate in) obvious ogling. What’s “obvious,” you say? How about camera-panning-down-to-butt-during-locker-room-shower-scene? (And by the way, how come chicks never shower at school anymore? Was it because of that scene in Carrie? It was that scene in Carrie, wasn’t it.)
  5. You see someone running with a power tool! Despite what your mother tells you, running with power tools is quite safe. However, someone ELSE running at you with power tools is extremely dangerous and will likely result in drill-murder (see rule #8).
  6. The director employs a classic cinematic move and has a disembodied hand grab someone (e.g., a half-nude chick) or something (e.g., a fully nude Barbie doll) from off screen. Watch out, ladies! Hands are aaaalways grabbin’ from off screen to... mildly surprise you.
  7. Our girls start to get real catty with each other. I remember growing up with MY little sister. Grrr, she would always tear the centerfold out of my Playgirl! But then we’d make up by brushing each other’s hair and drinking 9 or 10 glasses of Kool-Aid. Ahh, those were the days.
  8. Russ Thorne voids the warranty on that power drill and brutally drill-murders someone! I used to work at Home Depot and guys would come in ALL THE TIME with their machete, battery-powered drill, or glove made of claws and try to tell me that “it broke during some light home repairs.” Pleeeease.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Chug some Kool-Aid whenever it becomes apparent that this movie is the single greatest piece of satirical feminist cinema to emerge from the 1980’s.
  2. FINISH YOUR BEER for the run & stab! (Don’t worry, you’ll know it when you see it. And then see it again. Aaaand one more time.)
  3. FINISH YOUR BEER for loss of hand!
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I love this!! I kept checking to see if this got posted and I must have missed it. Ye-eah!

Thanks, Bunny! You just need some Kool-Aid and a bunch of twinkies to get started... and the movie, of course! hehe

wow - thanks for all the great ideas! cant wait to try these at home.

this game really gives me something to look forward to on the weekend!