A Movie Drinking Game for The Saint

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Simon tries out a new wig, mustache, accent, or all three! Remember, when you are falling down the rabbit hole of international thievery/computer hacking/wig wearing, never EVER stop to ask yourself “Who am I?” You are Val Kilmer, that’s who.
  2. A gadget is employed. I would love to see a showdown between Inspector Gadget and Val Kilmer. Not a breaking-into-places showdown, per se, more like a bare-knuckled brawl. It’s just an idea I’ve been tossing around.
  3. Simon Templar (or is he???) plays his wily games and tries to tell us one of his many names. This guy must have like 40 OkCupid accounts...
  4. “Spider” and “Fly” converse with each other via the interweb. Get it? It’s almost as if the “spider” is caught in the “fly’s” web! Wait, shit, I did that wrong.
  5. There is an awkward exchange between our mysterious friend “Simon” and Elisabeth Shue. Some people may think science girls are easy, but I say, if a leather-pants-wearing Jim Morrison came to life, sketched a portrait of you AND read you some of his college poetry, you’d be smitten too.
  6. You see someone using his “coke cane.” That guy is awesome. Ninja assassin AND drug addict? A true pioneer of modern-day goonery.
  7. Cold fusion is mentioned. Just what IS cold fusion, you ask? It’s just like when I cram a spoon into a gallon of ice cream, then lick the spoon and it gets stuck to my tongue. Just kidding! I don’t use a spoon!!
Bonus Drinks
  1. Pass your drink to the person on your right and make them finish it when Val does a “bum pass” with his bottle of vodka. Na zdorovyeh!
  2. At any point during the movie, challenge someone to do an accent of your choosing. If their impression isn’t up to snuff, they have to drink! Note: they can also challenge you to the accent, so be ready with your South African/Liverpool/??? Thomas More artist’s accent.
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