A Movie Drinking Game for The Room

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone deflects a question or tries to end the conversation. Need to get out of a sticky convo with your future husband? Try these on for size!
    - "Don't worry about it."
    - "I don't want to talk about it."
    - "I'm very busy."
    - "It doesn't matter!"
    - "Can I just talk to you later?"
    - "Like I said, I'm very busy."
    - "I have to go now."
  2. Our boys are up to some all-American hijinks with the American football ball! Double-drink when Johnny does a surprisingly brutal takedown of an unsuspecting Mark.
  3. Lisa's mom enhances the dialogue with some good old-fashioned hand acting. Nothing says "I definitely have breast cancer" like a vague, noncommittal wave of the hand.
  4. Someone walks into or out of a door. To be honest, we just liked saying In-N-Out in homage to San Francisco’s finest... and it's probably best to just pick one of the two so you don't die.
  5. Lisa's beauty is mentioned. Test your knowledge of The Room with this fun quiz!
    1. Lisa looks great:
      A) despite what they've done to her
      B) in her red dress
    2. Lisa looks:
      A) uncomfortable
      B) concerned about the inefficiency of biofuels
      C) hot tonight
    3. Lisa was so beautiful and:
      A) it matters a great deal
      B) what kind of drugs?
      C) I say hi to her
    Click to reveal answers!
    There are no wrong answers in The Room.
  6. There's a conversation about Johnny-on-Lisa abuse. Oh, and to answer your question - he did not hit her! He did naaaawt. Oh hi, Mark.
Bonus Drinks
  1. "CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP!" Be a good sport like Greg Sestero and cheep cheep whenever Johnny does. Those that don't comply must tell us how's your sex life.
  2. I mean the candles, the music, the sexy dress... what's going on here? Take a sensual sip whenever there are roses AND candles AND music - a seductive trifecta that no woman (or at least Lisa) can withstand.
  3. Take a celebratory/confused swig whenever someone's referred to as a "future wife." I think there's a word that means this but, it doesn't matter. I have to go now.
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We used to watch this every month at the Sunset Laemle in Hollywood with all our plastic spoons, balloons and footballs...

Greg Sestero's tragicomedy "The Disaster Artist" is an absolute must for anyone who has encountered The Room. As much a tell-all as it is a character study of writer/actor/director/maniac Tommy Wiseau, it's hilariously disturbing and impossible to put down. It only enhances the watching experience and will give you much to ponder about what it takes to make a movie so bad it's a masterpiece.