A Movie Drinking Game for The Goonies

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Somebody (OK, Chunk) talks about food. Personally, I see nothing wrong with continuing to eat ice cream once you discover you’ve been stuffed into a walk-in freezer with a dead body. I mean, come on -- they’ve got Chocolate Explosion!
  2. Mikey takes a hit of his inhaler. Is it just me, or do you not see kids with inhalers that much anymore? If (really, when) they do a horrible remake of The Goonies, Mikey will be played by a 30-year-old Justin Bieber popping Ritalin.
  3. The Goonies consult One-Eyed Willy’s map. Remember, whenever you need to consult a map, make sure everyone in your group crowds around it and starts yelling. That’s how my family does it, at least.
  4. You see a gadget! You know, as sweet as it is when Data’s dad says “You’re my best invention,” I have to disagree. The Pinchers of Power fucking saved his life.
  5. The Goonies all yell at the same time. I consider it the greatest regret of my life that I haven’t yet had a chance to scream in horror at a bunch of pirate skeletons while clutching five or six of my best friends in an underground cave.
  6. Somebody mentions “rich stuff.” If you’re not sure whether someone is a One-percenter or a Pirate, take this easy quiz!

    1. Does his dental plan include “pull one, pull two more free?”
    2. When he shakes your hand, does it cause a sudden stabbing pain?
    3. Instead of investing his millions, does he just pile it in a random assortment on top of the dinner table and stare at it until he dies?
    4. Do you find his manner of dress scary AND sexy?

    If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then your new acquaintance is likely a Pirate! If you were unable to answer any of these questions because you live in a box and your new friend won’t let you use his laptop, then he’s probably a One-percenter.
  7. One-Eyed Willy is mentioned or [SPOILER ALERT] makes an appearance. You can learn a LOT from The Goonies, but I think the best lesson is always booby trap your dead body.
  8. The Goonies encounter a booty trap! I mean booby trap! Double-drink if accompanied by a Looney Tunes sound effect (classic Chris Columbus!).
Bonus Drinks
  1. WATERFALL for the Truffle Shuffle!
  2. Drink backwards out of your can/tumbler/flask/Solo Cup whenever somebody says a word wrong (e.g., hyperventriliquating -- wait, is that not a word?).
  3. Slam a drink whenever Chunk breaks something. Jeez, Chunk turn off your brain!
  4. Yell “Jerk Alert!” whenever there’s a (you guessed it!) JERK ALERT. Anyone who does not comply either has to finish their beer or change into sweatpants with shorts over ‘em.
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I always took a shot when someone screams "CHESTER COPPERPOT!"

Check the FAQ! It has a drawing of a fat dog. Oh yeah, and it explains what a waterfall is 

Drinking Games
LOL, came in here just to see the rule regarding the Truffle Shuffle. What's a waterfall? Chug your whole beer? Slosh the pitcher?

Inhalers are still very much a part of asthma therapy, but you don't see them as much any more because there have been a lot of advances.  While most people with asthma still carry around the "Mikey" inhaler (that's what we call it in the biz), these are now typically just used for "Oh crap, I'm dying" therapy.  Now a days, people puff on once-daily inhalers from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.  In Soviet Russia, inhaler puffs you!

OH SHIT! I never knew this happened! Now I have to find Wrestlemania 2.