A Movie Drinking Game for Tango & Cash

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. There is blatant disregard for police protocol. When you’re trading stocks on the side and making millions, who gives a SHIT about inalienable rights?
  2. Someone takes a hard fall. The fall doesn’t need to be physical. Gabe falls HARD for Kiki, the stripper with the heart of gold.
  3. Tango and/or Cash complain. Being the best cops on the force comes with certain rights, like the right to complain about absolutely fucking everything.
  4. Tango and/or Cash engage in one-upmanship. Tango has the best suit, but Cash has the best gadgets, but Kiki can play the drums…sort of.
  5. Anyone refers to Tango as “Ray” or Cash as “Gabe.” You ever meet someone who has a really cool nickname, like “Shotgun” or “Laser,” and then find out their real name is Eugene? Yeah...
  6. Tango and Cash insult each other. Look, if you actually follow these rules, you are going to die. Maybe you should just let this one go.
  7. Jack Palance makes a reference to a “game” or to “mice in a maze,” which is funny because he has rats, not mice. Double drinks if he removes the rats from a small, airless, lacquered jewelry box. Some people collect expensive watches. Not Jack, though.
  8. An awesome, lame invention is introduced or used (like a boot gun!) .
Bonus Drinks
  1. Finish your beer when you see Sly and Kurt’s butts at the same time! Ooh la la!!
  2. Finish your beer when Jack Palance rubs two rats together in his hands. It’s so great. It’s worth watching the movie just to see that. Hahaha.
  3. Drink whenever Bob Z’dar is on screen.
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