A Movie Drinking Game for Tammy and the T-Rex

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:

  1. You see midriff. People keep saying the 90's are back, but until I see consistent male midriff I have yet to be convinced.
  2. Tammy gets traumatized! Poor Tammy, always some new hell for her. You'd think with her own loft apartment, her own phone line, AND her own brain-boyfriend in a punch bowl, she'd have it made!
  3. You spot a new necklace or hat (bonus points if you see both!). Chokers are back in fashion, but where are the kufi cap-pookah shell necklace combos??
  4. Billy crashes the party. Godammit, Billy, get with the times! Violent, over-possessive boyfriends are OUT. Violent, over-possessive dinosaurs are IN.
  5. You see Michael's dinosaur hands doing things! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing those tiny stubby arms accomplish everyday tasks. Michael the T-Rex is an inspiration to us all!
  6. There is a close-up on someone's eye. What better way to showcase the existential anguish of today's modern man than a lidless human eyeball set in a T-Rex face?
  7. Someone is manhandling a corpse. Did you ever think you'd see a dinosaur choosing his new body among a slew of fresh corpses paraded in front of him like that makeover scene in Pretty Woman? You did?? I am impressed and sickened, sir.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Link arms with your BFF and double-drink for the double crotch-grab!
  2. FINISH YOUR BEER whenever you spot a boom mike.
  3. Take a break and dance for the dance break! Those 90's moves still kill on the dance floor today, just like the T-Rex's giant feet.
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