A Movie Drinking Game for Staying Alive

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. A dancing montage seduces you into thinking, “You know what? Fuck it. I could TOTALLY be a dancer!” No, no you can’t. Do you SEE how ripped John Travolta is? The first thing you’d have to do is give up beer, and we both know that’s not going to happen.
  2. A dancer aims his or her icy rage gaze at someone. Much like cats, behind every dancer’s eyes is a bitch fit just waiting to happen. Also like cats, they are very flexible and scratch when cornered.
  3. You see a male dancer’s outfit that makes sure to reveal the nipples. Take notice, guys! Exposing your nipples is a subtle, tasteful way of letting the ladies know “I’m available.”
  4. A lesser-known dance move known as the “butt shimmy” (a.k.a. “butt wiggle” a.k.a. "ham hustle") is demonstrated. Use with caution: when performed in combination with an icy rage gaze, this powerful unisex dance move can cause an audience member’s head to explode.
  5. You see Tony’s PACKAGE. It was the early 80’s -- you wore your shirts open and your dress slacks TIGHT.
  6. That British chick shows off her signature move: the right leg kick. Always the right leg! Never the left! Maybe it was the editing, maybe it was a childhood accident, but one thing we know for sure is that she’s definitely not an ambi-kicker.
  7. A chick burns Tony bad with a soul-crushing diss. But don't feel too bad for Tony. He gets her back in the end by doing a random dance solo in the middle of the Satan's Alley production and then escaping on an elevated glitter-platform. Classic comeback!
  8. Tony finishes out the love triangle by pulling a bang ‘n bolt (a.k.a. hittin’ & quittin’) on poor Jackie. How dare you, Tony? She played Penny in Dirty Dancing. NOBODY puts Penny in a corner. Nobody!! [runs off crying]
Bonus Drinks
  1. TAKE A SHOT when you see Sylvester Stallone’s brief but sensual cameo in the movie. Trust us, with an amazing short-sleeved bushy fur jacket like his, you can’t miss him. (And no, we aren’t referring to his chest hair. It’s an actual jacket.)
  2. Take a swig whenever Tony asks if he has any messages.
  3. FINISH YER BEER when all you wanna do is... STRUT.
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E-Mail (won't be published
I like the surprise rule! Stallone definitely keeps it classy in his cameo and doesn't ham it up (I'm looking at you, Stephen King).

David J.
Not so sure about that cameo....I didn't see it until like the third time I watched the movie. I think it'd be better to do a "surprise" rule - if someone who's never seen the movie actually spots him, everyone ELSE has to take a drink!