A Movie Drinking Game for Starship Troopers

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You hear the word “Roughnecks.” Death from Above! In theory, this means you destroy bugs via aircraft. In practice, it means a bug flies down and grabs you with its spiky bug legs and then your commanding officer has to mercy-shoot you. But still a good tattoo!
  2. Rico gets dissed! First Rico’s hometown is exploded by BUGS. Then his best girl leaves him for some Melrose Place looker. Then he gets a public whipping AND a massive, gaping leg wound?? Some guys just can’t catch a break.
  3. There is a BRUTAL BUG KILL (man on bug or bug on man). Oh, you want examples? How about torn in fucking haaaaalllllfffff.
  4. Dizz wants Rico BAD. Seriously, what is Johnny’s problem? Ok, so she has frizzy side-curls. But she also likes football. AND loves to show off her tits. She is the perfect woman.
  5. Someone loses, or has lost, a limb. Sure, a head counts as a limb. Oops, spoiler alert!
  6. A cadet gets seriously effed up. You know what they say about training camp: if the food doesn’t kill ya… then your Career Sergeant breaking your arm/choking you/throwing a knife into your hand just might.
  7. Someone says “citizen.” Look, joining up means you run the risk of having a vajaynus bug suck out your brains. But on the plus side, it’s easier to get a license to have a kid! There are still no guarantees, though.
  8. You get to watch a new government-sponsored public service announcement. THE FUTURE IS NOW.
  9. You witness bug bigotry. Years from now, we will cringe when we hear references to “more than two legs” or the derogatory epithet “bugs.” Verhoeven has truly captured an embarrassing, but important, moment in our cultural history.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Knock one back for our men and women in the Armed Forces! They are the real heroes. And Michael Ironside.
  2. FINISH YOUR BEER for co-ed showering.
  3. Take a swig whenever someone pulls off the infamous Flip-6 Three-Hole! Do not attempt this at home. You are not a Roughneck.
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Beer Pong
Funny comment about the Nazi symbolism - I heard it was placed in there because the author was so against a militaristic society.  He was ex-military, himself, but he hated the idea of having the military rule the nation.

For those who don't wanna "live forever" you can play using the bonus bonus rule: drink every time there's Nazi symbolism. (see: entire movie)

p.s. Ryan, I like the way you think!
p.p.s. Ewww...

TJ Likes Ryan's comment.

Losers of the argument over which body part the mouth of the "brain bug" most resembles drinks. Winners must continue to burn that image into their minds just like the losers either way.