A Movie Drinking Game for Star Trek II

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. A character (probably that sassy Saavik) raises an eyebrow. Less confrontational than the eye-roll, this is a time-honored weapon that any sassy female should keep in her arsenal.
  2. Someone takes a joke a little too far and ventures into interstellar bigotry. Come on, "never trust a Klingon"? These guys obviously just haven't met Lieutenant Worf yet.
  3. You are treated to George Takei's sensual voice. He only has like 4 lines in this movie, but they are STEAMY.
  4. The Starfleet crew stares at a screen or some blipping lights and interprets the data/starts pushing buttons until something explodes. This is how I got my pilot's license.
  5. Someone calls Kirstie Alley "mister." I am all for women's equality, so I'm going to start applying this to all women I know, starting with my boss! What's that? Fired, you say...
  6. Spock imparts some Vulcan wisdom on us. For example, if a woman texts you more than six times a day, she's a Klingon.
  7. Khan's beautiful hairless chest is prominently displayed. Apparently some people think that Khan was wearing a prosthetic chest the whole time. Those people have obviously never heard of OLD MAN STRENGTH. Khan is like 200 freaking years old -- if he bear hugs you, you will get fucking CRUSHED.
  8. Someone says "Admiral Kirk." In this movie, Old Jim finally gets that promotion he's always never wanted.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a swill of grog if you recognize one of Khan's literary quotes. Look, he's been marooned for decades with only 4 identical copies of Moby Dick for entertainment. YOU'd go crazy, too.
  3. Pour one out in remembrance of... an old friend.
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