A Movie Drinking Game for Sleepaway Camp

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone is killed, maimed, hacked to death in a sleeping bag, very badly burned with hot corn water... you get the idea.
  2. You see an overt display of hand-acting, the most underrated and noblest of the actings.
  3. Angela displays her hidden superpower - unusually moist eyes - and refuses to blink. Just remember: if she ain't blinkin', you better be drinkin'!
  4. One of the children or camp counselors becomes inexplicably filled with anger and overreacts to a situation. Water balloons, wet kissing, not kissing - these guys have more triggers than a UC Berkeley protest.
  5. A character gives another character an evil look, a.k.a. the stink eye. Much like Judy, I too enjoy wearing a shirt with my name on it and staring angrily at preteens for no reason.
  6. Someone insults or picks on Angela. You know what they say, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or, uh...
  7. A man wears thin 80's short-shorts that are so tight you can see pretty much the exact outline of his dick. Sleepaway Camp was way ahead of its time for equal-opportunity nudity/dudity.
Bonus Drinks
  1. FINISH YOUR BEER for the endless softball game! Are we going to witness one run? Two? The whole game?? Who can say - my eyes were on that dude's jorts-and-belt combo the whole time.
  2. Take a careful stage-glue-conscious sip when you spot the fake mustache. I wish I had known you could just use two pieces of electrical tape before I spent all that time gluing my cat's fur to my face.
  3. Drink to salute sexy dudeswear! Camp Arawak is a place where the men's clothing is consistently more scandalous than the women's. Short shorts, crop tops, or just ass-out nude, these guys have no shame in their game.
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