A Movie Drinking Game for Slap Shot

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You see awesome 1970's plaid (bonus points for plaid pants!). Basically every single outfit Paul Newman wears in this movie is amazing, but we had to cut it off at plaid so nobody dies while playing the game.
  2. A player gets a HARD CHECK. If you're not sure what a check is, you probably never played hockey before and/or didn't have an older brother growing up.
  3. One of our guys is bleeding from the face. It was the seventies -- who needs masks when you've got an unlimited supply of free ice packs??
  4. You sneak a peek at one of those jock straps. [SPOILER ALERT: You can tell that a chick wrote this movie cause we get to see Michael Ontkean's butt.]
  5. Someone in the crowd heckles the Charlestown Chiefs. Looking to insult a professional athlete, Slap Shot style? Start by calling them a "frog pussy." Then, let them know that you think, despite evidence to the contrary, they can't skate. Finally, finish by suggesting that they have a heart attack and die.
  6. Someone drinks! This is usually either to celebrate good times or drown their Midwestern depression.
  7. The Hanson brothers are raising hell (e.g., yelling over the coach, tripping the referee, destroying a vending machine, destroying a human being).
  8. There's a brawl! Double-drink if the gloves come off.
  9. Somebody taunts/insults a player from the other team. Bonus points if they insult someone on their OWN team (e.g., "They're fuckin' horrible looking!").
Bonus Drinks
  1. High-five and/or body check your best friend whenever you notice an overt reference to real-life hockey teams, players, and events. Yes, that's basically this entire movie.
  2. Take a sip from your mocktail whenever you spot the sports announcer's awesome toupee.
  3. Take a swig in honor of the 1970's ban on bras whenever you see those Bouncy Booster Twins.

**BONUS GAME** Everyone in your group picks their favorite Charlestown Chiefs player (yes, you can share the Hanson brothers). Whenever your player hits, body checks, punches, or bites someone from the other team, take a swig!
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Gregor, thanks for noticing! To answer your question, no, it is not random. That is where my hand went into a spasm from too much coffee this morning.

HAHA, Hank. Looks like a real winner.

I love this Game! Steph, incredible job, but I have to know one thing. What's with the "Hard Check" lettering? Random design or is it supposed to be something? Is that Stubble? I can't figure it out, and I feel like I'm supposed to be able to.

Hank the Stank
while dutifully checking to see if Netflix had Slap Shot, they recommended I go watch Money Shot too. The cover features a CO-ED laying Scrooge McDuck style in a boatload of CASH. I demand that movie be added to the list.