A Movie Drinking Game for Sin City

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You see a splash of color, like a character's beautiful green eyes or neon-yellow bloody crotch (see Rule #5).
  2. A character insults himself. Some of these guys should really have more self-esteem! Sure, Marv has a face like a hatchet, but he can jump through a car windshield without batting an eye. And chicks dig windshield-smashing, right?
  3. Someone sustains a horrific comic book injury that probably should have killed him (see above, re: windshield-smashing).
  4. There's mention of a character's "condition" (e.g., heart condition, taking pills, etc.).
  5. Someone takes a shot to the crotch. If you live in Sin City, you're best off wearing a steel-plated jock strap like 24/7.
  6. A character gets knocked out. Double-drink if a wolf gets knocked out! (I know, I feel bad too -- but he was kinda asking for it.)
  7. "Old Town" is mentioned. Old Town gets a bad rap because of the whole red-light district, but it's the only place in Sin City where you can still find a good deal on condos. Plus the boutiques are just adorable!
Bonus Drinks
  1. Make a face and take a swig whenever someone says "yeesh."
  2. Take a chug from your friend's beer whenever Marv takes someone's coat. (Note: when picking a seat, choose wisely.)
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