A Movie Drinking Game for Shaun of the Dead

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone mentions the Winchester. Romantic night spot or impenetrable fortress? Why not both!
  2. An everyday household item is used as a weapon! Some may argue that a cricket bat or shovel is a good choice as an improvised weapon, but I think the clothes hamper is underrated.
  3. Shaun takes a sip of beer. Bonus points if you’re drinking out of an English pint (20 imperial ounces instead of 16 puny ounces).
  4. You recognize a zombie from earlier in the movie. Drink twice they’re doing the exact same thing as they were pre-zombie!
  5. A new plan gets strategized. If we were in a zombie apocalypse, we’d grab Zig, pick up Volcano Tacos, make a blanket nest, drink a nice cold milkshake, and wait for aaaall this to blow over.
  6. A zombie gets killed (again). Remember, you can only kill a zombie by removing the head or destroying the brain. However, if you remove the legs you at least slow ‘em down.
  7. An action (e.g., zomb-yawn) or phrase (e.g., “two seconds!”) is repeated. They did this so the actors could go home early and eat crisps.
  8. There’s a jump-cut. Double drink at the first jump-cut if you don’t know what a jump-cut is. If you DO know what a jump-cut is, well don’t be all smug about it.
Bonus Drinks
  1. ELECTRO-CHUG! Waterfall for Electro!
  2. ”Helloooo…” Take a little sip whenever you hear Liz’s phone voice (and take another sip for Shaun’s imitation).
  3. If you own an album by one of the artists in Shaun’s collection, FINISH YOUR BEER! Don’t deny you love Sade.
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