A Movie Drinking Game for Scrooged

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You see a new TV spot, like "The Night the Reindeer Died" or, my personal favorite, "Bob Goulet's Old-Fashioned Cajun Christmas."
  2. There's a celebrity cameo! Don't see any celebrities?? Grab the nearest old person/parent and have them explain what a "Lee Majors" is.
  3. Someone starts talking to himself/ranting wildly. Just like Christmas at Grandpa's house.
  4. Claire calls Frank "Lumpy." Look, we've all had endearing but embarrassing nicknames. Really, "Lumpy" isn't that bad -- in high school, mine was "please stop talking to me." Oh wait, now I get it.
  5. Frank Cross is being Scroogey. For reference, giving your brother towels for Christmas = 1 Scroogey point. Stapling antlers to a mouse's head = 100 Scroogey points. Making a fourth Indiana Jones movie = a billion Scroogey points.
  6. You hear someone say "Merry Christmas." It's a Christmas movie, so we've gotta have that rule, right? Work with us here, people.
  7. One of the ghosts or a disgruntled Bobcat Goldthwait starts messing with Frank Cross mentally, psychologically, or Three Stooges-style. Don't know who Bobcat is? Ever heard of POLICE ACADEMY?!?! No? Are you sure you're old enough to be on this site?
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a shot whenever that female censor gets hurt. This will help you get in the Christmas spirit of feeling others' pain/laughing at others' pain.
  2. Sip some Scrooge (Stoli and TAB) whenever Bobcat's boozin'.
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What about HOT TO TROT? A movie where a horse, voiced by John Candy, helps Bobcat Goldthwait make banking investment decisions.