A Movie Drinking Game for Scanners

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone's making an incredibly awesome contorted face. The way people look when they're getting scanned is basically what happens when I try to do math in my head.
  2. There's an explosion! Scanners is most famous for its [SPOILER ALERT] head-exploding scene, but my personal favorite is the gentle, 15-mph, low-impact car crash that incinerates everyone in a 50-ft radius.
  3. You see a trench coat. Stylish, practical, and with plenty of deep pockets for storing animal tranquilizer, the beige trench is an unnamed corporate henchman's garment of choice.
  4. You hear the name "Revok." Why does everyone keep saying "Revok" all the time? Oh. It's because his first name is "Darryl."
  5. Somebody gets tranquilized! Scanners are able to read minds, manipulate nervous systems, and create really awesome art, yet they can still be bagged 'n tagged like a common cheetah. BONUS: double-drink if a Scanner is actually able to escape this shameful fate by turning the tables on a henchman.
  6. A person is referred to as a "Scanner." Fun Fact: Michael Ironside is the only actor in this movie who is actually a Scanner. He performed all his own stunts.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Finish your beer for the [SPOILER ALERT] head explosion! It's ironic that despite being a Scanner, that ConSec nerd never saw it coming.
  2. Pop a shot when you see the Giant Unexplained Zit. Makeup malfunction? Male PMS? Subtle social commentary? Who knows! One thing's for sure: that thing needs popped BAD.
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