A Movie Drinking Game for Road House

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Mandatory Drinks
  1. There’s a reference to the Double Deuce. Yes, of course “Double Douche” counts. How do you play?
  2. You witness a cooler coolin’. As a cooler, when you exude such a cool, manly presence, sometimes all it takes is a head nod to keep people in check. Other times, it’s kicking a guy in the balls. Or a throat rip. It’s your call, really.
  3. A man’s reputation precedes him. Word travels fast if you're a) the most evil man on the planet, b) able to penetrate women after only two non-tongue kisses, or c) the sexiest cooler that ever lived, even though this "silver fox" is a bit long in the tooth.
  4. You hear glass breaking. Bonus points if you don’t die as a result of this rule.
  5. Someone pulls a knife. You really thought you could pull one over on Dalton with that boot knife, didn’t you? But then he broke your ankle. Are you happy now?
  6. Brad Wesley does or says something that proves he owns this town. When you’re part of the 1%, you can amass all the stuffed animal heads and martial artist rapists in the world, but it still won’t buy you happiness. Wait, yes it does.
  7. You get some good advice. For example, if you’re gonna have a pet, keep it on a leash. There is a $25 fine.
  8. You see someone rocking a denim shirt with jeans. Also known as DND (Denim ‘n Denim), this bold move is recommended only to those who can defend themselves from ridicule with the nearest pool cue.
  9. A cooler drops a slick quip, like "Pain don't hurt." Do not attempt these at home. You are not a cooler and it will just sound silly.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink whenever it becomes apparent that Wade Garrett is pussy napalm. Those luscious locks! That groin scar! His dangerously seductive country two-step! He is the Rhett Butler of his time. Note: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WOMAN ALONE WITH THIS MAN.
  2. There’s a time to be nice and a time not to be nice, and a time to rip a guy’s throat. Drink whenever a throat rip is threatened or implied, and finish your beer when someone actually carries through with it!
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For this game I recommend drinking apple flavored Burnett's and barfing in a shoebox, followed by beer tears and an archeological dig