A Movie Drinking Game for Riki-Oh

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. A character explodes through a wall (or door, etc.). They can either bust through on purpose (completely unharmed) or BE busted through (completely against their will and at great cost to their fragile pink body).
  2. The guards start crackin’ skulls, starving prisoners, burying prisoners alive... well, you get the idea. Damn privatized prison system!! Just like I told my dad, this is exactly why I don’t vote Republican.
  3. Someone's eye pops out. Most of the time, this action is actually voluntary, as the eye contains mints (great for combating super-bloody steak breath). But sometimes this is NOT voluntary, in which case it's merely a very unfortunate turn of events for some guy.
  4. A character visibly flexes his entire body -- a.k.a. POWER SHOW. I say “visibly” flexes because when I try it, people just think I’m looking for the bathroom.
  5. Ricky punches through a body part! Despite rumors that the action in this movie is “unrealistic,” those who practice qigong know that after 7 years, anyone can punch through a body.
  6. A head gets destroyed. Need to destroy a head but simply don't know where to start? You're in luck! Follow Drinking Cinema's Riki-Oh Guide to Annihilating a Human Head:
    1. Identify head.
    2. Locate weapon (acceptable weapons include: blade, saw blade attached to machete handle, human-sized grinder, or your own body-part-explosion-hardened fists).
    3. Use your weapon on head. If you are using a blade, try to remove the lower half of the face skin and reveal the chattering skeleton beneath. This is a great party trick to master. If you are using your fists, you have many options, though clapping a head into oblivion is the most impressive and well received.
Bonus Drinks
  1. FINISH YOUR BEER for entire person grinded.
  2. Smash your beer between your palms and bite at the liquid exploding forth when you see the infamous skull-smashing clip from Craig Kilborn's The Daily Show!
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I read (in a very reputable source) that the leaf instrument is actually a reference to a widely accepted legend of classical music. Rossini had originally intended for "William Tell" to be played entirely on leaves. His dreams were never fully realized though as rival orchestras always ended up getting super pissed and killing the lone leaf-flutist before the 3rd movement.The legend goes that Rossini refused to give up his vision of the perfect overture and eventually went mad with grief after losing his only son in this manner during the Battle of the Bands 1840.

If you haven't seen the movie yet (or have and want a refresher), here is a SPOILER-FULL video of some of the best (read: most ridiculous destruction of the human body) scenes.