A Movie Drinking Game for Re-Animator

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone checks a patient’s vital signs. Checking for vital signs might mean simply feeling for a pulse. But more often than not, it’s timing how long it takes for a re-animated corpse to spring to enraged life and smash you into a wall.
  2. You see the RE-AGENT! Note: For freshness, please store unused re-agent in a mini-fridge after opening.
  3. Someone is not using proper scientific method. Mr. West, I know you are still a medical student, but would it KILL you to don some gloves before injecting that severed head?
  4. You witness RE-ANIMATION! Drink twice if someone (or something) needs two injections to get ‘em going. This is still a developing field, and the correct amounts of glow-stick goo needed have yet to be determined.
  5. Herbert West plays by his own rules. Drink anytime you witness Mr. West’s smug contempt for his superiors, a disdain for bubble-headed co-eds, or an utter lack of concern for other people’s pets. He doesn’t give a FUCK. He’ll kill you just to re-animate the shit out of you.
  6. A character indulges in some good-natured gallows humor.
  7. Someone uses an unconventional weapon. Re-animation is an experimental field, and sometimes you have to improvise. You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, push a medical bone saw through someone’s chest.
  8. Professor Hill starts creeping on a co-ed. A tip for the ladies: When Dr. Hill says he’s “always admired your beauty,” he means he’s always wanted to have his headless body push his severed re-animated head onto your boobies.
  9. You see a HEAD EMOTING. Despite what cruel stereotypes will have you believe, severed heads can express a full range of emotion, from boiling rage to pervy ogling. All they ask for is a few pints of fresh blood and a basin.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink every time there is gratuitous nudity. Take a shot of RE-AGENT (a.k.a. Hypnotiq + pineapple juice) every time you see gratuitous re-animated corpse nudity.
  2. “OVERDOSE!!” Inject nearest person with re-agent!! (or, if alone, finish your beer)
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