A Movie Drinking Game for Psych

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. There is a pop culture reference. Don't get some of the references? Just drink every other minute and that should cover you. (Bonus points if you've actually seen Silk Stalkings.)
  2. The camera zooms in on a clue! Shawn's gift of neon clue-vision is all due to his dad -- a wig-wearing Corbin Bernsen who gave young Shawn all the skills of observation he'd need to make it as a detective. Some may say that locking your child in a car trunk, tying him up, or abandoning him in a remote area is "child cruelty," but it still beats helicopter parenting.
  3. It turns out a bad guy is just a red herring. If you don't know what a red herring is, just assume it's a ThunderCats reference and drink.
  4. Gus yells "Shawn!" As the straight man of this duo, it's his job to yell at his partner, share snacks with his partner, and use his Super Sniffer to complain about his partner's strange smells. It's basically a marriage.
  5. Shawn gets a "psychic moment" and does the temple touch. This show actually won an Iggy award for advancing science and exposing superstition, a.k.a. an "exact opposite of X-Files" award.
  6. Cops are being incompetent (e.g., missing obvious clues, not getting pop culture references, refusing to hire a psychic, hiring a psychic).
  7. Our dynamic duo is snacking, talking about how delicious snacks are, or complaining about how there are no snacks. Constantly thinking about food may sound excessive, but it's certainly how I get through my workday.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Chug your beer/take a shot for CELEBRITY CAMEO! How much you drink depends on how pumped up/nerdy you get when you see the celebrity.
  2. Take a saucy swig whenever Shawn's talking about his hair. Admittedly, it is perfect in both style and body, just like Ziggy.
  3. Drink some of your Psynapple (spiced rum, pineapple juice, and a sprinkling of Pop (culture) Rocks) whenever you see that elusive pineapple.
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Drink double for anytime Shawn and Gudsey Bogues say "WHAT!" at the same time, there is a fist bump. Double or triple, I've heard it both ways.