A Movie Drinking Game for Predator

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. The commandos start hashing out stories about the old times. Double drink if the conversation is pretty one-sided because [SPOILER ALERT] the other guy just got exploded by the Predator.
  2. You get to view the world through the sensual infra-red eyes of the Predator. Life would be a lot more interesting and embarrassing if we viewed the world through infra-red. I could no longer hide my uncontrollable sweating, for instance.
  3. Somebody tricks the trick. What is “tricking the trick”? It depends on the situation. For Arnold, it means setting up a booby trap. For a 52-year-old Las Vegas hooker, it means something entirely different.
  4. You “see” the Predator hanging out in his invisi-gear. I keep hoping there’s going to be some kind of Predator-Hollow Man spin-off (Predator vs. Bacon or "PVB," for example), but it just isn't happening.
  5. Your eyes suddenly become glued to someone’s giant fucking arms. Puritanical types may argue that this rule is excessive, but to them I say, anytime a man’s arms take up at least a third of the shot, you HAVE to drink to that.
  6. You catch a glimpse of Predator’s awesome nails. At first you’re like, how does he keep them so fresh after all that space traveling and human hunting? But then he pulls out a complete travel nail kit. Of course! Predator, you never cease to amaze us.
  7. Someone (or something) is hunted to death. In the jungle, no one is safe. Not even an innocent scorpion hitchin’ a ride on Carl Weathers’ back.
Bonus Drinks
  1. WATERFALL for world’s manliest handshake!
  2. Take a sip whenever you see Mac’s razor. Even when being hunted, it’s important to look your best. Don’t worry, the massive amounts of sweat and eye black will provide aaaaaall the lubrication he needs to avoid razor burn.
  3. FINISH YOUR BEER when Arnold proves that nobody covers himself in mud and screams really loud better than him. NOBODY!! AAAARRRRRGGHHHHHH!!!
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