A Movie Drinking Game for Point Break

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Johnny Utah (Keanu) expresses a lot of emotion, be it anger, frustration, happiness -- any emotions. Johnny Utah is a sensitive man…with an itchy trigger finger. Not the best combination, but when it comes to tracking down serial bank robbers that show their butts on camera? He’s second only to the scrutinizing eye of Gary Busey.
  2. Someone does a barrel roll or jumps a fence. Though it’s true that men of the law aren’t always in shape, you better believe FBI agents are trained to fish bricks off the bottom of swimming pools blindfolded, wrestle with surfers over running lawnmower blades, and successfully jump out of planes without a parachute.
  3. You see the majesty of our mother Earth’s oceans in slow-motion to the tune of a whale song. What’s more beautiful than watching the waves crash on the shore in sunny California? Watching it in slow motion while listening to that “Sounds of the Earth: Whales” CD you stole from your mom’s cd/alarm clock combo.
  4. Pappas (aka Gary Busey) is sporting an awesome shirt. Trust me, you’ll know ‘em when you see ‘em.
  5. Anyone blasts out some surfing lingo. Like “They only live to get radical” or, to a lesser extent, “Surfing's for little rubber people who don't shave yet.”
  6. Someone refers to Johnny Utah by a nickname that indicates he's the "new guy.” Like “blue flame” or “kid” or “dumb and full of cum.” I think that last one is sexual harassment.
  7. You see a president mask…or a president butt.
  8. Bohdi (the Swayze) helps you achieve true enlightenment by imparting his zen wisdom. You can use zen to overcome many obstacles in your life, such as dealing with stress, improving your surfing skills, robbing banks, or simply kidnapping a federal agent’s girlfriend to get the FEDS off your back.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Finish your beer to support dogs in aviation when someone uses a dog as a weapon by throwing it.
  2. When Busey asks for two, YOU GIVE HIM TWO. The oldest and youngest must finish their beers or shotgun new beers (ladies' choice) to appease the Busey God.
  3. Finish your beer in prayer for anyone in the vicinity of Johnny Utah when he empties his clip into the air out of frustration. Those bullets have to come down somewhere, you know.
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Dr. Jankowitcz
What if Keanu actually IS The One, as he played in The Matrix? After all, he chased down Bodhi who had a 15 second free fall head start (check it nerds) from an altitude of only 4000 feet. Your plebian minds can't handle thIS, but trust me, at that altitude the entire fall would last ~28.5 seconds, so catching up 15 seconds after AIN'T HAPPENING UNLESS YOU'RE THE MOTHERFUCKIN ONE.