A Movie Drinking Game for Over the Top

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. That little bastard kid insults his father and just burns him to the ground. What the hell, kid? He’s just a trucker trying to get his life together, bond with his kid, and fly right.
  2. Someone says “Hawk.” Drink twice if someone calls Sly “Linc” or mispronounces his name and calls him “Hawks.”
  3. Whenever you see Hawk doing some improvised exercise in or around his rig to stay in shape for the arm wrestling championship. He’s gotta look good for that awesome New York dancer's shirt he wears at the end, you know.
  4. Palms and sweat collide in a new arm wrestling challenge!
  5. You see some father-son bonding, like having your tiny son drive a big rig, arm wrestle teenagers, run across an interstate highway, or get kidnapped by his grandfather’s goons.
  6. You see a sleeveless shirt. There’s a lot of ‘em, and each one is more awesome than the last. Bonus points if you rip off your own shirt sleeves while reading this (preferably while at work).
  7. Someone is just sweating through their shirt. They must not have air conditioning in most of those truck stops. That or these guys just go around filled with manly rage all the time. Probably the latter.
  8. Hawk gets serious and turns his hat around backwards, signifying his switch has been flipped. I try that all the time, but I always look like a very hairy child with a small head.
  9. Someone goes over the top in an arm wrestling match. I’ve seen this movie so many times and still don’t understand how he does it.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Finish your beer in sympathy for the poor bastard who breaks his arm during his arm wrestling match. Gross!
  2. Take a drink whenever someone drinks or eats something that should never, ever be ingested by a human being (or even an animal, really). Finish your beer when said person regrets it and has to take measures to quell his upset tummy.
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TJ and Steph and Ziggy
Hi David,

Thanks so much for your comment! You definitely made our day, and glad you enjoy the site. Part of why we made this site is to gain new fans for the movies we love! And also we made it in hopes that it will get us that big rig. Ziggy said he won't love us unless we get it. Sharper than a serpent's tooth is an ungrateful child, David. At least that's what our dads tell us.

-TJ and Steph (and Zig-Rig)

David Mendenhall
Dear Creators and Staff of  http://DrinkingCinema.com :

I think the Over The Top drinking game is awesome and I wholeheartedly approve :)

Thank you for showing such humor, creativity and irreverance regarding the movie; and through that, for helping the movie live on!!!

I hope you each win your own semi-truck, as well as the love of your son someday ;)

Very sincerely,

David Mendenhall
"Michael Cutler"
Over The Top