A Movie Drinking Game for No Holds Barred

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You see the patented "RIP 'EM!" hand sign! Where did it come from? We don't know. What does it mean?? It means Hulk Hogan is about to throw you through a windshield.
  2. Someone gets thrown by a wrestler. Bonus points if it's an innocent woman getting tossed by the face.
  3. You see some rad headgear! Metal headbands, bandannas, chains with feathers... anything goes in the world of wrestling (and the 80's in general).
  4. A wrestler has a growling fit. It is well known that wrestlers will automatically growl when they see another wrestler, just like my cat when he sees another cat.
  5. A new wrestler (e.g., Brock Chisler, Bulldog McPherson, Rebar Lawless) is announced. BONUS MINI-GAME: come up with your own wrestling name for the duration of the movie, and if anyone uses your civilian name, they must finish their beer!
  6. You hear the greatest insult ever -- "JOCK ASS!"
  7. Someone is sporting crazy wrestler eyes. It is scientifically proven that adding a unibrow and/or a wall-eye can up your level of crazy by 300%.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a nervous sip of your Zima whenever there's Brell Boardroom Bullying.
  2. Stand proud in your head-to-toe spandex outfit whenever you see Rip sporting wresting gear for everyday life! To be fair, the clothes ARE practical -- you never know when you're going to have to burst through the roof of a limo.
  3. FINISH YOUR BEER when Zeus starts trashin' the handicapped! Maybe being kicked in the sternum by a 500-lb man is just some kind of unorthodox therapy.
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Christine Lodal
This drinking game and the podcast from How Did This Get Made? are a perfect combination.

It's hard to stay mad at Zeus for beating up a boy in a wheelchair and facepalming an innocent waitress when you see him enjoying a nice outing with the fam.