A Movie Drinking Game for Night of the Comet

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You hear/see the word “comet.” This movie is the best excuse yet for spending the holidays in your lead-lined panic room.
  2. A girl hits someone or gets hit. Double-drink if a chick hits another chick. p.s. step-moms are the WORST!!
  3. You see empty clothes. I’d explain what “empty clothes” means, but it’s time you started thinking for yourself. Once 2012 THE END hits, I might not be there to hold your hand.
  4. Psychos or zombies show up! Do government workers count? Yes, of course they do! If you've ever seen their dead, soulless eyes, you'll know that their humanity left them long ago.
  5. Someone is sporting some sick-ass 80’s gear. We’re talking hi-tops, low-tops, spandex, rolled socks, male earrings, indoor sunglasses -- the WORKS.
  6. One of those girls starts talking about Daddy. We never get to meet him, but he must have done something right with raising these ladies -- badass dressers, can throw a punch and shoot a gun, AND they have a healthy distrust of underground government laboratories. It’s how I’m raising MY daughters.*
  7. Speaking of underground government laboratories, drink whenever those GS14 cheebs are doing science. My brother is a scientist and he says this movie is “terrifyingly accurate.”
  8. The girls are sassin’! Remember, the number one rule to surviving any apocalypse is: be sassy. Or maybe that’s how to survive high school. Whatever. I’m gonna go shoot my Uzi.
* dogs
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a shot if Samantha dies! [SPOILER ALERT:] This happens multiple times.
  2. FINISH YOUR BEER for shopping montage! Shopping montage brought to you by off-brand post-apocalyptic Cyndi Lauper.
  3. Take a puzzled sip whenever you see the initials “DMK.”
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