A Movie Drinking Game for Miami Connection

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Ninjas showcase their armadillo-like reflexes and do a few rolls on the ground.
  2. There are some shirtless dudes. Double-drink if they are holding a towel.
  3. You see a fist pump! This move truly encapsulates what it means to be "friends to eternity, loyalty, honesty."
  4. A character takes advantage of a convertible and decides to bypass the whole "opening the car door" thing. Bonus points if he has kind of a hard time pulling it off (hey give him a break, those jeans are 1980's tight).
  5. There's a kick to the face! Note: this is not to be confused with GrandMaster Y.K. Kim's signature move (see Bonus Rule #2).
  6. Someone gets sliced with a katana, a board with some nails in it, a board covered in barbed wire, a bunch of throwing stars, or whatever else the ninjas can hurl at a dude's body.
  7. There are some serious family issues going on. For example, we learn that a character has been searching for his father (we didn't know he HAD a father!). Or, a character gets super jealous because his sister has a boyfriend who's in an awesome rockwondo band.
  8. Somebody mentions the greatest band ever -- DRAGON SOUND! Bonus points if you get to watch one of their songs the whole way through. Remember: guitars aren't always for playing, sometimes they're for standing around and dancing and stuff.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Oh my Gaad!! Finish your beer when [SPOILER ALERT] Jim finds his father.
  2. Take a confused swig whenever the taekwondo master does his signature move: the nose-toe grab! Nothing strikes fear into the heart of one's enemy like the thought of GrandMaster Kim's stinky feet slowly making their way to your nose.
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