A Movie Drinking Game for Masters of the Universe

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone says "Grayskull." The thing about Grayskull is that you keep hearing how cool it is, but there’s never any affordable housing. So you end up having to share an underground hovel with Gwildor.
  2. There's rainbows! (see: Vajazzled Space Portal )
  3. You hear technology noises. Gwildor, you have no clue what you’re doing, do you?
  4. You see SPARKS! In Eternia, everything sparks. All the freaking time.
  5. He-Man gets happy! Unfortunately, we don’t see much of this, because He-Man has a wedgie the whole movie.
  6. Skeletor says something that requires lips. We invite you to say out loud “I can’t say ‘P’ or ‘B,’ but I can say ‘E’” without using your lips. JUST TRY IT.
  7. Gwildor does something that makes you want to effing puke, like clearing out his gill slits. Poor Billy Barty. He didn’t ask for this.
  8. Detective Lubic cocks his shotgun. Pretty sure there is just a trail of unused shells behind him...
  9. You see all four members of the CURIOUS QUARTET together! Finish your beer if one dies and is replaced by a new member.
Bonus Drinks
  • Drink whenever you see Dolph’s butt-cheeks. That outfit is a closeted gay high school boy’s dream!
  • Drink whenever you see Skeletor’s codpiece. So, if he’s basically a skeleton, what’s... under... there??
  • Pour one out (into your mouth) for Pig Boy, the little kid who won a cameo on this movie, but it consisted solely of Frank Langella manhandling the staff away from his child hands.
  • FINISH YOUR BEER when Dolph Lundgren, after 5 long months of the sunless nightmare that was filming this movie, finally gets to yell “I HAVE THE POWER!!”
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