A Movie Drinking Game for Magic Mike

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You are treated to a sexual monologue by a ripped/greased/leather vest-wearing Matthew McConaughey, a.k.a. “Dallas.” I bet my work meetings would be a lot more fun if we had Dallas giving the presentation instead of Ken from Accounting. He NEVER lets me play It’s Raining Men.
  2. Naked ambition is displayed. One thing we’ve learned from Magic Mike is that stripping can buy you drugs, girls, happiness, and a best friend, but it can’t buy you a Small Business Loan.
  3. Some important stripper wisdom is bestowed upon a young dancer. Don’t kiss the girls in the audience on the mouth? That’s performer 101!
  4. The guys break out into a new dance routine. Having trouble coming up with a dance routine of your own? Just grab a uniform from a stereotypically male occupation, remove only the shirt, and then add Ginuwine!
  5. A dancer grabs his crotch. Note: despite what MC Hammer says, you CAN touch this.
  6. Steven Soderbergh goes against the opinion of everyone everywhere and decides that 110 minutes of just coordinated stripper dance routines is not enough for a movie and throws in some drug-induced drama, lots of slow-motion, and/or a miniature pig.
  7. Channing Tatum, despite all his charms, rock-hard body, and love of handcrafted furniture, gets dissed by a chick. OK, lady, I know you have “integrity” but... COME ON! He is a male stripper who makes his own furniture!!
  8. A dancer starts GRINDING. Whether you drink every time they grind on a chick OR every time they grind a chair, the air, or the floor is up to you. YOU choose your level of grind-drunk.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a capful of Hey Juice* whenever you hear a new stripper name. Remember, if a girl’s name is based on a car, flower, or stone, don’t ask what she does for a living.
  2. FINISH YOUR BEER when Magic Mike puts Chuck Yeager to shame and breaks the sound barrier during his spin-tastic dance move!!
What is Hey Juice, you say? Drinking Cinema’s team of researchers have determined that Hey Juice is mostly just pure, old-fashioned GHB, a substance already well known to date rapists (and apparently male strippers?). For a legal, rape-free version of Hey Juice, try Drinking Cinema’s Patented Hey Juice Recipe! Simply combine equal parts Stoli vodka, sugar-free Red Bull and kumquat juice in an ice-filled mixer, then shake, pour into a highball glass and add a dash of glitter to keep things sexy and low-cal.
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OK, I'll bite! Since they're making a Magic Mike 2, what are your must-haves for the sequel? More McCona-logues? Less drug-drama? And will we finally find out what happened to that tiny pig?

there is like no one on here! some one say some thing

josh A. pace
hey juice is the best

Hey - thanks for the question! From what we can tell based on carefully studying Channing Tatum's butt - I mean, context clues - angels and demons are a type of ecstasy pill (so named because of the design on the pill). However, we could be wrong since we were also staring at Matthew McConaughey's abs the entire movie.

in 1 scene, the kid & his stupid pig pet girlfriend ask Matt Bomer & his big chested wife for drugs.....they respond saying what do u want?  "angels or demons?"    what are angels & what are demons by real name pls?