A Movie Drinking Game for Jeepers Creepers

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. There is sibling angst (or bonding). At first it seems like Justin Long's dirty underwear is just an excuse for banter between brother and sister, but then it becomes apparent that it's a crucial part of the main storyline (just like in my Justin Long slash fiction novel).
  2. Someone's obviously learned no life skills in college and makes a really bad decision.
  3. It becomes clear that manual transmissions aren't for everyone when that chick grinds the gears and/or lays down some rubber. Before you start whining about chick drivers, let me remind you that our old pal the monster isn't all that great at driving either.
  4. You see Justin Long's super-hot rose tattoo! And just to be clear, no this awesome tattoo does not fall under rule #2.
  5. Crows are creepin'. Crows get a bad rap, but the whole tone of Jeepers Creepers would be a lot different if there were, say, peacocks hanging around all the time.
  6. The monster is drivin' rig! We have to wonder, how does he gas up?? It's not like he has money, considering the lack of monster jobs in this economy. Maybe his truck runs on skin.
  7. You see an open-mouth stare. The fact that Trish and Darry are so shocked at seeing a monster shows just how far monsters have come since this movie was made.
  8. You hear the words "Jeepers Creepers" (bonus points if you hear the actual song). Other songs considered for this movie were "My Ding-A-Ling" and "I'm a Girl Watcher," but ultimately "Jeepers Creepers" tested (slightly) better with audiences.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Celebrate Justin Long's amazing hand acting by practicing your own! Grab a beer and see how shaky you can get without spilling.
  2. Take a surprised sip whenever the monster flies! Looks like that truck is just for show, huh? And he went ahead and got the vanity plate and everything.
  3. Take a swig if you see some creative home decorating. The Creeper must subscribe to Martha Stewart Dying magazine, amirite?*
* I am so sorry.
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