A Movie Drinking Game for Hackers

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You hear a hacker’s handle used (be it introduction or calling someone by their handle instead of their real name -- even Zero Cool’s Mom calls Matthew Lillard by ‘Cereal Killer’).
  2. You get put into a virtual tour of a computer or hacker 3D universe.
  3. Anyone uses “Leet” speak or talks about computer parts (“I want to triple the RAM”).
  4. Math equations are animated, spinning and whizzing by while someone is hacking or just simply at their computer.
  5. Someone rollerblades or skateboards.
  6. You start partying to the awesome 90s dance jam soundtrack.
  7. Someone is in the hacker zone: concentrated, spinning, being a cyber cowboy. THE HACKERS ARE INNOCENT!
  8. Angelina isn’t wearing a bra.
  9. Someone is enjoying a Gamer’s Diet which consists of Jolt Cola, Cheetos, cigarettes, licorice rope, or other gamer foods seen in the movie.
    Bonus Drinks
    1. Finish your beer at the beginning of the movie if you can’t place the significance of the words at the bottom of the game.
    2. Drink whenever you see male midriff.
    3. Drink whenever you see a program has something completely unnecessary programmed into it. Like when the da Vinci virus code says “help me.” Who programmed that?
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    Atomic Ice Shadow Slave
    "The music soundtrack was released in 3 separate volumes over a number of years." Amazing. 
    3 albums of party. 

    Totally trying this this weekend!