A Movie Drinking Game for Gremlins

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Some gweilo effs up and breaks one of the three VERY SIMPLE rules that the little boy CLEARLY explained and are really NOT THAT HARD to follow. Don't get them wet? Oh well, better dump water on him. What? Fur popcorn? Whatever, back to reading my comic...
  2. You see one of Mr. Peltzer's awesome inventions. Some may think the Peltzer Peeler-Juicer doesn't work because it explodes juice everywhere, but those more in the know understand that getting that much juice from an orange is truly amazing.
  3. There is an obvious Christmas reference. For example, if a gremlin jumps out of a Christmas tree and starts mauling Billy's mother/riding her like a bronco, that counts as a Christmas reference.
  4. Gizmo or one of the gremlins talks. Scientists have learned by studying the gremlins’ primitive use of language that candy/beer/popcorn = yum yum and apples = kaka.
  5. A bunch of shit gets thrown at the wall. Gremlins just LOVE to throw stuff! It's in their nature. One look at those monstery little hands and you'll see they were meant for wingin' saw blades.
  6. Gizmo frowns hard. Double drink if it’s a really judgey little frown. Gizmo, just because YOU don’t want to eat chicken after midnight, hatch out of a disgusting slime pod and kill a bunch of humans doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy ourselves!
  7. A gremlin kills someone or gets killed. This includes [SPOILER ALERT] death by juicer, death by microwave, death by tractor, death by melting... It's your run-of-the-mill PG-rated Christmas movie.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Thoughtfully sip some beer every time you see an 80's PSA poster. For those of you too young to remember these, Public Service Announcements were vitally important messages about the environment, unions, how to avoid getting electrocuted, etc., typically delivered by a man in a giant animal costume.
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"Death by tractor"?

They don't die..they're in the sequel.

A group of us, multiracial, started drinking to every time we saw the black science teacher. Since, in our long lifetimes have encountered a rare number. It greatly enhanced our experience.

I would like to point out that there is really only one instance of blatantly breaking the rules and that is when Billy brings one of the Mogwi over to the science teacher to look at.