A Movie Drinking Game for Gone with the Wind

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Scarlett uses an awesome antiquated swear word to express her feminine rage.
  2. You notice Scarlett’s white hot glare of hatred aimed at someone (e.g., Rhett, some tramp, an old horse -- basically anyone who gets in her way).
  3. Someone uses the word “gentleman,” as in, Rhett Butler is NOT a gentleman (see rule #7).
  4. Someone gets slapped (probably by Scarlett). Slapping a horse counts. That poor, poor horse.
  5. Scarlett bursts into tears. This is different from crying -- if you drank every time that happened, you would probably die of alcohol poisoning.
  6. You notice Mammy’s disapproving glare, usually aimed at Scarlett. The way that girl wears an afternoon dress in the morning and dances at parties, it just ain’t fittin!
  7. Scarlett insults Rhett.
  8. Someone (human, horse, or both) takes a hard fall.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink whenever you see Rhett’s sensual ‘stache. You should not leave your lady alone with this man. You will lose her immediately.
  2. Enjoy a mint julep during the intermission. For best results, use fresh mint, homemade simple syrup, good bourbon, and the tears of a patriot.
  3. Take a shot of brandy every time Scarlett’s gonna “think about it another day.” Oh Scarlett, will you ever learn??
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Glad you guys dig it! Rhett Butler may be the sexiest man in cinematic history. And yes, Scarlett DOES have a penchant for marrying (if not staying married).

Loved it! Mammy's disapproving glare, Rhett's sensual 'stache, and Scarlett's white hot glare of hatred were crowd favorites.

Helena Ravn
You should also drink everytime Scarlett gets married