A Movie Drinking Game for Ghost Rider

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Somebody drops a pun-liner. We’ll let you get away with not drinking every time someone says Johnny Blaze, but we hope you agree that something like “Mornin’, Bonehead” deserves at least a swig.
  2. A character mentions “the Rider.”
  3. You notice Eva’s business sexual work clothes. I think the wardrobe department just had a list with one rule: “If there ain’t cleavage, it better be so tight you can see her belly button.” A good rule for any of us work-a-day gals/guys.
  4. Boy Band Ghouls are back--all right! Drink every time one of the Boy Band Ghouls shows up, and double drinks if they walk side by side in matching gear. I think Blackheart is just dreamy...
  5. You witness needless destruction of public property. What’s the use of having a sentient skele-chopper that melts/explodes everything in its path if you can’t ride it around on a skyscraper every once in a while?
  6. Nic goes for an unconventional facial expression for that emotion. You’ll know it when you see it.
  7. SKELE-FACE! You’d think this rule would mean “when Nic becomes the Ghost Rider and gets a skeleton head,” but no. It’s much, much better than that. And it happens ALL THE TIME.
  8. Stand ‘n Point! Similar to Skele-Face, this rule will pretty much carry you through the whole movie and into the hospital.
Bonus Drinks
  • Drink in reverence to a real man whenever you notice that Sam Elliot’s beard hair goes all the way up to his eyes.
  • For those of you who are straightedge, teetotalers, or just bean fiends, shake up a Jelly Bean Martini in lieu of beer!
  • TAKE A SHOT (or finish your beer) when you witness the charring of an innocent lizard! (We recommend Fireball whiskey.)
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