A Movie Drinking Game for Frankenhooker

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone mentions "parts." Not sure exactly how this version of reanimation works, but I do know it requires at least 1,600 volts, plus a shit ton of estrogen. Sounds like my Saturday night, amirite??
  2. A character talks out loud, describing in great detail every thought that is in or about to be drilled out of their head. Come on, Jeffrey, didn't you ever hear about "show don't tell"??
  3. Somebody uses the wrong tool for the job. Pretty sure a regular ol' hammer that you found lying around your house isn't used for brain surgery. Of course, I never went to medical school. But then again, neither did Jeffrey.
  4. You catch a glimpse of that delightfully delicious-looking bubbling pink body part punch! Is that Fanta? Kool Aid plus Sprite?? Whatever it is, it's estrogen-based.
  5. A person...explodes! The message of this movie gets a little muddled (pro sex work? anti drugs? pro drugs? anti medical school?), but one thing is clear - crack is indeed wack.
  6. You hear some classic call girl lines. There are many methods in the art of seduction, but bellowing PARTY?, WANNA DATE!?, GOT A STEM!?? is surely the most effective in getting one's point across.
Bonus Drinks
  1. WATERFALL for Amber's walk! I have so many questions. Was this in the script? Is this just how the actress normally walks? Was she supposed to take up a certain amount of time in order to meet that 85 minute run time?? Alas, some questions, like what happened to all those reanimated body part creatures in that freezer filled with fruit punch, may never be answered.
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