A Movie Drinking Game for EuroTrip

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You see nudity or dudity. [SPOILER ALERT] By “dudity,” we don’t just mean chaste butt doubles. We’re talking major Euro-wang. You've been warned.
  2. Jenny’s fallen into the “friend zone” and is no longer considered a woman. What’s poor Jenny gonna have to do to get noticed as the hot-blooded female that she is -- make out with her twin brother?? Ew, spoiler alert.
  3. Cooper’s being a real horn-dog. You know, Coop, you’d get a lot more action if you cut that god damn 90's hair. Plus, you should really get over your hangups about ball-electrocution.
  4. Jamie consults his copy of Frommer's. I have a feeling that things would have turned out a LOT differently for those kids in Hostel if they'd just consulted Frommer's.
  5. The gang goes to a new country! Fun Fact: On eBay you can find bootleg test screenings of EuroTrip under its original name, WorldNightmare, in which the kids visit Burma, the Congo, North Korea, and Newark.
  6. The kids drink! Bonus points if you play with absinthe. Minus bonus points if you open a bottle with your eyes (you are not Vinnie Jones).
  7. There's a blatant stereotype. For example, Londoners = hooligans, East Berlin = 7th level of hell, and small German children = budding Hitlers. (However, to our knowledge, all French people are indeed mimes.)
  8. Scotty mentions his German pen-pal, Mieke (or "Mike"). Sure, she's a catch and worth traipsing around Europe for, but switching majors from pre-med to German? Scotty, don't throw your life away!
Bonus Drinks
  1. FINISH YOUR BEER for unexpected cameo! Double-drink if the person's an Oscar winner.
  2. Take a sexy sip when Jenny gets sexy. Turns out she IS a girl! Or at least has boobs. That much we do know.
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