A Movie Drinking Game for Downton Abbey

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. An adult helps another adult get dressed. Aristocracy isn't just letting someone else dress you, it's somehow making them feel good about it at the same time.
  2. A servant gets SERVED (i.e., insulted). For example, Daisy's entire life.
  3. Two characters (OK, mostly O'Brien and Thomas "the Vamp") are plotting mischief/murder/mayhem. Evil plotting was cited as the no. 1 reason for banning smoking at the workplace.
  4. It's tea time! Downton Abbey has taught me that whenever there is an awkward pause in the conversation, just suggest tea time. Note that you may need five or six tea times to get through some conversations.
  5. There is sister sniping. Sure, my sister and I used to kick-fight in the car on family trips, but these broads take it to whole new levels of Baby Jane craziness.
  6. Characters exchange a knowing glance. Knowing glances are what people had to use before we got emoticons.
  7. The Dowager Countess burns someone with her acerbic wit. Ladies, remember that eventually your looks will go, but your ability to publicly shame someone will only get better.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a drink whenever you see one of those hipster -- I mean, old-timey -- bikes.
  2. Throw your drink into your TV (or take a swig) when characters shun/fear technology.

  1. Take a shameful sip whenever a man is emasculated.
  2. Knock back a Cosmo whenever sisters are doin it for themselves. With the men off at war, ladies are taking on new skills left and right! (Yet they still somehow can't dress themselves...)
  3. Eat some Cheez-Whiz on a saltine, with dignity, whenever someone throws together a passable dinner in the face of adversity.

SEASON 3 and 4:
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Dowager Countess
**If you are planning a dinner party, here are some suggestions for ensuring the dinner conversation is as awkward as possible.**

1. Always have a 7:1 female-to-male ratio
2. The oldest daughter should be sat next to some old guy (make sure she knows he's her LAST POSSIBLE CHANCE for a husband)
3. The youngest daughter should be sat next to the father and indulged as much as possible
4. Nobody cares where the middle daughter sits
5. Mortal enemies should ALWAYS be invited at the same time
6. Be sure to bring up someone else's money trouble
7. Invite your handsome foreign date-rapist friend to spend the night
8. If someone doesn't know how to use the right fork, it's OK -- as long as you publicly shame them

Note: Fun conversation topics include: farming machinery, the sinking of the Titanic, your slutbag of a sister