A Movie Drinking Game for Dirty Dancing

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone gets roped into a dorky arranged activity. It’s all fun and games getting sawn in half and trying on that Cleopatra wig... until Johnny sees you! Jeez, embarrassing!!
  2. Baby’s learning. We don’t get access to Baby’s diary, but I imagine it goes something like this: “Wednesday. Today I learned how to bump pelvises with a 35-year-old stranger. :))))) But I also learned that pelvis bumping = abortion. :((((
  3. Pelvises collide! WARNING: See above.
  4. Somebody does a backbend. This rule may break you.
  5. You see underwear. Dancers are free creatures, and the “leotard loophole” allows them to freely show undies in public without scorn.
  6. You notice obvious classism. Class disparity was rampant in the 1980s, I mean, 1960s, and nowhere is it more apparent than in Dirty Dancing. Personally I was hoping for a kind of Warriors-style showdown at the end, with dancers vs. waiters, but looks like that only exists in that fan-fiction novel I wrote.
  7. Baby is super optimistic! Who says you can’t join the Peace Corps, arrange a friend’s abortion, AND carry a watermelon all in one summer??
  8. WATERFALL for the final lift! Bonus points if you lift a friend over your head at the same time.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink when you realize that Baby’s sister has giant coconuts. Where have they been hiding this whole movie??
  2. Lock arms with two friends and 3-way drink when you see 3-way dancing! Bonus points if you don’t put your heel down.
  3. Drink whenever Newman cracks a joke or busts out in a hilarious cackle. Oh, Newman, you kill me!
  4. Drink whenever you see tons and tons of LATTICE! Fun Fact: Encircling the entire bottom half of lake houses in 16 feet of LATTICE was hugely popular in the late 1980s, I mean, 1960s. Sorry, I keep getting confused by Baby's cut-offs.
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I Love this and so many of your other drinking games! Keep it up, they are absolutely hilarious! I especially loved "7. Baby is super optimistic! Who says you can't join the Peace Corps, arrange a friend's abortion, AND carry a watermelon all in one summer??" I actually laughed out loud. 
PS thank you for helping me procrastinate:)

Little known fact, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is the 7th best selling album OF ALL TIME! While everyone wants their healthy dose of "Time of My Life", "She's Like the Wind" really lifted that album to record breaking status, solidifying Swayze as the sexiest man to ever walk the earth.