A Movie Drinking Game for Die Hard

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You're reminded that this is a Christmas movie. The greatest Christmas movie of all time. Well, maybe after Gremlins. But come on! John McClane's got Gizmo's furry cute looks and Spike's penchant for exploding buildings, so maybe Die Hard is a better Christmas movie after all.
  2. You're informed (once again) that John McClane is a cop. I personally try to work "I'm a front-end engineer" into every conversation, but it's just not the same. Maybe if I did it while wearing a bloody wife-beater and no shoes...
  3. LLJM. That's Ladies Love John McClane. And John McClane loves those ladies. Make sure to take an admiring sip every time John gives a lady the ol' ocular pat-down.
  4. John's relieving a little stress by walking, running, jumping out windows, killing terrorists, or blowing up entire floors of office buildings all without wearing any shoes.
  5. Sorry ladies - even though he loves you and LLJM, he's married. So take a melancholy sip every time you're reminded that John is a married man and that all the good men are already taken.
  6. John lights up a cigarette. You know, John, with all that cardio and murder you do, you'd probably have a lot easier time of it if you weren't smoking. Just a thought. Please don't kill me.
  7. John McClane's talking to himself again. Some may say that a man who talks to himself, climbs through air vents, and willfully murders 10 to 20 other men on Christmas Eve is insane. Sorry, you're wrong. That's just what New York cops do. And don't even pretend like the holidays aren't stressful for you.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Finish your Twinkie when you see the Twinkies! If you do not have Twinkies, finish whatever your country's equivalent to a Twinkie is.
  2. FINISH YOUR BEER if you can't name the theme song that is used throughout the movie. If you CAN name it, finish your Drambuie, you saucy gent.
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