A Movie Drinking Game for Demolition Man

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You hear the word “maniac.” There are lots of ways you could describe a platinum-blond man in overalls referring to himself in the third person and cackling wildly, but “maniac” works.
  2. Simon Phoenix, you guessed it, cackles wildly. Hey, you’d laugh too if you were a recently unfrozen serial killer with violence-enhancing brain implantations and you found out that it’s the future AND there’s a Taco Bell on every corner. What a time to be alive!
  3. Someone gets a Swear Fine. If the City of San Angeles really wanted to drum up revenue, they should have been passing out Swear Fines in a different 90’s movie. Like, say, Boondock Saints. They would have made a ton more credits. They should really stop wasting their time with these joy-joy melvins.
  4. There is an out-of-place reference to the 20th century -- and double drink if you didn’t notice the spelling error. I got fined a LOT of credits for boggling that one.
  5. There’s a murder/death/kill.
  6. You hear melvin-speak. Not that I’m condoning Simon Phoenix’s actions or anything, but if some fat guy in a kimono told me to have a joy-joy day in a land where there was no sex, beer, or chocolate, I would murder/death/kill the SHIT out him.
  7. The Dweeb Patrol (a.k.a. San Angeles cops) are being extra dweeby. For example, reading the cop manual during an arrest. It’s too bad Benjamin Bratt is such a dork in this movie, because I bet he looks real joy-joy with his shirt off. Who knows, maybe there will be a Demolition Man 2: Benji Bratt Gets in the Nude Cube (see Bonus Rule #2).
  8. You hear someone call John Spartan the “Demolition Man.” I really feel like Spartan is misunderstood, both in his time and in the future. I mean, here he is, doing everything he can, even carrying Wesley Snipes on his shoulders out of an exploding building, and he gets nothing but guff from his boss. OK, so a bunch of hostages blew up in that explosion. But did you see him carry Wesley Snipes??.
Bonus Drinks
  1. WATERFALL during the Denis Leary rant. Bonus bonus: Drink if you notice Jack Black!
  2. Take a jello shot in the form of a cube whenever you see Cube Nudity.
  3. FINISH YOUR BEER for cryo-capitation!!
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