A Movie Drinking Game for Deep Blue Sea

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. You experience what it’s like to see through the eyes of a hungry, 45 foot long shark with a brain that’s three times the normal size of a shark’s brain. Which, I’m pretty sure means that it’s still not as smart as a hamster, seeing as sharks are pretty much mindless.
  2. You see a shark fin.
  3. Someone talks about science or performs some science. We’ve gotta cure Alzheimer’s, people, and we’ve tried everything and it keeps coming back to hyper-intelligent sharks.
  4. Tom Jane marvels you with his ability to understand the shark psyche and swim with the sharks. He just “gets” them, you know?
  5. Someone lays down some knowledge on sharks. Those scientists sure thought they knew it all...
  6. Tom Jane falls down.
  7. LL Cool J teaches us the ways of the body, spirit, and kitchen by quoting bible verses, cursing, and giving us some recipes.
  8. A shark bites something. Anything.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink every time you see LL’s bird.
  2. Take a shot (or just finish your beer) when Samuel L. Jackson gives his famous speech about working together. It’s important to work together, especially when you’re trapped in a shark-infested middle-of-the-ocean scientific installation…or an avalanche.
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Watch the music video:  
Chug To: 1. Every time you see L.L.'s nipples perfectly placed through his suspenders 2. L.L. gets blasted by a fire hose to the throat 3. Shark transformations/Head lookin like sharks fin (choice of 'wave' cap is no coincidence) 4. Ho's gettin hosed

I mean, we like to party.

BTW, Dollar Shave Club looks awesome. Good work (I know it's not yours, but good work for using it as your website).

Robert "Don't call me Suckhead" Grubbs
site looks good ya [great guy].