A Movie Drinking Game for Daredevil

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Sound vision fills the screen. What’s sound vision, you say? Oh don’t worry. You’ll have PLENTY of time to get acquainted with it. By the end of the movie, if you’re still alive, you’ll “hear colors” too.
  2. Reflections reflect. We’re pretty sure this happens in the movie. But to be honest, we kinda blacked out in the middle for a while.
  3. Daredevil REFUSES to take the stairs and instead performs parkour. Dangerous, fancy, extremely tiring parkour. As a bonus, here’s Drinking Cinema’s quiz to see if you are Daredevil material!
    You want to get to the top of a building. There is a ladder in the alley outside. Do you:
    • climb the ladder
    • go inside and take the stairs
    • go inside and take the elevator
    • ricochet between the two buildings in the alley and then backflip your way onto the roof
    If you answered d, then you better have a prescription for Vicodin because you are indeed Daredevil material.
  4. Someone (okay, Bullseye) finds a creative way of killing someone, and by “someone” we mean a harmless old person. While we would never condone Bullseye’s actions, who HASN’T wanted to shoot five or six paper clips into an old guy’s neck? Really? You’re saying you’ve never thought about that.
  5. Kingpin smiles deviously. When we first heard that Michael Clarke Duncan was going to be in Daredevil, we assumed he was going to be playing Matt Murdock’s role, and Ben Affleck would be the menacing giant known as Kingpin. But, this works too. I guess.
  6. There’s SLOW-MO. Not much to say here. There's a lot of slo-mo in this movie. Okay, you want a joke? Let's see here. Uhm. What's black and yellow and red all over and addicted to pills? Daredevil. Jesus -- that was awful.
  7. The nü-metal soundtrack assaults your ears. Don’t you remember just rocking out to your complete nü-metal collection and blasting through the Kevin Smith issues of Daredevil!? No? Oh, uhm, neither do we.
  8. You see a blood red rose -- sometimes literally blood red. I thought the thorns were in the stem, not the flower… But I guess we’ll go with Daredevil on this one.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a swig whenever Bullseye touches his forehead. Bullseye, you know if you keep picking at it, it’s gonna get infected!
  2. See a full moon? Drink! It’s always a full moon in Hell’s Kitchen.
  3. Drink to your inner nerd whenever there’s a comic book reference. We recommend loudly explaining the inside joke to the rest of the group. But, if you fear the retaliation of wedgies, you may want to sip secretively instead.
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