A Movie Drinking Game for Commando

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. There is a horrible, very public murder.
  2. You see Arnold just doing casual things around the house, like carrying a giant log or feeding a deer. You know, suburban stuff.
  3. Anyone, Arnold or the bad guys, uses a great quip before or after killing someone.
  4. Arnold uses or talks about using any superhuman abilities, like being able to smell people upwind or gorilla pressing a phone booth with a tiny man inside it.
  5. You are washed away by the gentle (and sassy) steel drum s playing in the soundtrack.
  6. There is any collateral damage.
  7. You say to yourself “These bad guys are NOT scary. Arnold could kick the crap out of them” (which, as we all know, he does).
  8. Arnold checks his watch.
  9. Arnold just will NOT cooperate with anyone.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Finish your beer whenever “Mother Fucker” is over-enunciated. It happens twice by two different guys. It’s great.
  2. Finish your beer if you can’t remember what Arnold’s 2-digit security code is to get into his guns in his tool shed.
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