A Movie Drinking Game for Clue

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. There's something rotten in the state of Clue! OK, that was just terrible. But I've got to use my liberal arts degree for something. Take a sip whenever someone sniffs.
  2. The doorbell rings. This is why I never, ever, ever answer my door. Unless it's pizza. And by that I mean the pizza delivery guy. If it's actual pizza, you stay the hell AWAY from that thing.
  3. A house guest dies. Uh, spoiler alert? You do know what this movie is about, right?
  4. Someone takes liberties with a corpse. Necrophilia has never been so fun!*
  5. One of the house guests sexually harasses/sexually annoys another house guest. Does rule #4 fall under this category? Hmm, I guess it depends on whether the corpse is into it. Also, eww.
  6. The gun is fired! The principle of Chekhov’s gun requires that any loaded gun in a movie MUST go off, so technically this doesn't count as a spoiler. Chekhov's gun also states that any time I eat cheese I WILL have a blowout.
  7. Someone uses the secret passage. Oops! Another spoiler! I meant to say, someone uses a wall in an unconventional way.
  8. * Failed original tagline to this film.

Bonus Drinks
  1. Sloppily sip whenever klutzy Mr. Green takes a spill.
  2. Take a shot of flaming-hot Fireball when Mrs. White goes off script and delivers arguably the finest-- what is... fine -- it, the finest ad-libbing... flames... in -- heavy breathing-- movie history.
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Awesome - thanks!! We love Clue! This game was super fun to make. Let us know if you have any requests!

Loving this- and anyone who loves Clue as much as I do. Must have movie marathon with you!!!