A Movie Drinking Game for Carnosaur

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Chickens/eggs are shown, or there is some reference to either. As in, they used CHICKEN DNA. This movie came out two weeks before Jurassic Park and was ahead of its time.
  2. You are kept informed by awesome green mathematically redundant status updates. If you don’t understand why these are mathematically redundant, finish your beer, pre-frosh.
  3. You are experiencing life through the eyes of a Carnosaur.
  4. It becomes apparent that there is some kind of underlying environmental agenda at work. Once again, this movie was way ahead of its time! (see Rule #1)
  5. Carno-kill! Drink every time a chicken explodes or someone gets eaten by a Carnosaur.
  6. Carno-birth! Drink every time a human female experiences the miracle of explosive egg-birth. PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS. Flu season is coming up and all females are at risk for Carno-pregnancy.
  7. The perspective suddenly changes. For example, first a Carnosaur can fit inside a building, then it is bigger than a building, then it is man-sized, then it is Bobcat-sized. There is so much we need to learn about this important species.
  8. You see the Hall of Lazers. While it is now common to contain Carnosaurs in a Hall of Lazers, when Carnosaur was made this practice was unheard of. It makes you wonder... what else did they get right?
Bonus Drinks
  1. Drink every time you see the biohazard Carno-cure if you didn’t get a flu shot this year.
  2. Drink a shot of Coke every time you see the suits at that giant table enjoying their complimentary Coca-Colas.
  3. Drink every time you see Eunice stickers.
  4. TAKE A SHOT when you witness an emergency C-section sponsored by Lee Press On Nails!!
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